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Process Service

Delivery of legal documents to legally notify an individual of their involvement in a court proceeding. DAR'S Civil Process, Investigations serves all types of legal documents and understands their differences.

Rush and priority services available for documents needing to be served expediently. For the ease of our customers, we do not charge any mileage fees.

Skip Tracing

Location services specifically aimed at finding individuals in order to serve legal documents. We are relentless in our search for evasive defendants so that your case continues without delay.


Electronic filing of necessary documents into the court system so that your case is filed on time and accurately. Hire professionals to e-file your documents to ensure they are submitted correctly so that your case is not thrown out.

Court Record Retrieval

Search and retrieval and important court documents that may aid in providing evidence or historical precedent for your claim in court. We go to the courthouse to locate, copy, and organize these records for you to save precious time.

Mobile Notary

Authorization of signatures on legal documents as a witness of the state. We certify that individuals understand that they are signing a contract and verify that they understand the terms of said document.

Paralegal Services

We provide professional paralegal services for attorneys to help with the rigorous and complicated procedure of taking a lawsuit to trial or procuring a settlement.

Private Investigations

A variety of investigative techniques and services to deliver the answers that you seek. We search far and wide for relevant evidence and follow leads to their ultimate conclusion.

Personal Protection

If you feel threatened or unsafe, personal protection can offer security and peace of mind. Our protection staff are reliable, caring, but most important, trained to assess threats and ready to confront dangerous situations.

License to Carry Training

In addition to our personal protection services, we offer license to carry training to inform responsible gun owners of the applicable laws and how best to manage your firearms.

Violation Retrieval

Obtaining automobile accidents reports for your records. These reports are extremely important in filing claims or a lawsuit, so we take care in providing accurate information.

Facility Program Transport

Transporting individuals to and from mental health facilities in a safe and caring environment.

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  • Licensed by Texas Supreme Court
  • #A0410550
  • #00850729
  • Bonded
  • 40+ years of combined experience

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Service Area

  • Jefferson County, Texas
  • Hardin County, Texas
  • Orange County, Texas
  • Jasper County, Texas
  • Newton County, Texas
  • Harris County, Texas
  • Montgomery County, Texas
  • Liberty County, Texas
  • Brazoria County, Texas
  • Galveston County, Texas
  • Fort Bend County, Texas
  • Chambers County, Texas

Darla Odom

About Us

Professional Services

DAR'S Civil Process, Investigations is owned and operated by Darla Odom. We proudly offer Texas with superior legal support services and private investigations. We work with all parties in need of our services, from lawyers, landlords, businesses and private individuals. Our array of services provides our clients with the results that they need for the legal or personal case. We go above and beyond expectations for thorough results that can be trusted.

Confidential Services

Our process servers and investigators understand the intrinsic nuances and sensitive matters that often accompany legal cases and investigations. We provide confidentiality to maintain your case's integrity.

Complete Services

Our trained and experienced staff are happy to work alongside you to ensure that your needs are met. Since we offer multiple services, we are able to help with different aspects of your case so that all your questions are answered. DAR'S Civil Process, Investigations also partners with Michael Johnson, Owner of N.A. Flash and also refers Robert Lytle, Owner of Perspective Investigations as well to cover a broader range of services. We are here to address your concerns and produce the results that you need.

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